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Car rental in Japan

Renting a car in Japan is of course possible and quite simple. The only thing that needs to be obtained in the Czech Republic is an international driver’s license, which you can obtain while waiting at the traffic inspectorate in your place of residence for a fee of CZK 50 (valid for 1 year). You must present it together with your passport and regular driver’s license at the car rental office in Japan.

I used the opportunity to rent a car in Okinawa. It’s not really possible here without a car. Due to the high temperatures and considerable air humidity, a car with air conditioning is therefore ideal. Okinawa is small and you can travel it in a short time by car. But there are countless places to stop here.

What I had to get used to was driving in the left lane of the road (this applies throughout Japan of course) and the driver’s seat on the other side of the car. I admit that the first moments of such a ride were stressful. But after some time I got used to it and I “managed” to drive into the right lane only once while driving through an intersection :-). But everything turned out well.

It must be said that the traffic in Okinawa is certainly calmer than, for example, in Tokyo. The maximum permitted speed here on district roads is only 60 km/hour, on the highway it is 80 km/hour. Traffic density was also very low (but not in Naza, Okinawa’s capital).

The price for renting a car (automatic) was CZK 1,600 for two days.

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